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The bold choice you made to homeschool your children allows you the flexibility to choose your own curriculum.  We have a wide selection of textbooks, workbooks and teacher materials to help you pick the best educational materials for your child's learning needs. 
Not sure what to buy?  Let us help!

We communicate with a broad range of schools and have invaluable knowledge of the best programs for your student in all subject areas.   We understand that each student is different, and picking the right educational materials can make all the difference in your student's confidence in a difficult subject.  Overcoming these hurdles might pique your student's interest in a particular subject- opening up opportunities for their future.

We have over 20 years of experience in the textbook business and have seen books come and go. We have a great database of books that have traditionally been excellent picks for homeschoolers. These are easy to follow, have lots of examples, and have stood the test of time. Many older titles shine when it comes to subject matter.  These books may not be the flashiest, but they have a proven track record in helping students thoroughly learn the material.

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